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Gravure Cylinder Plating

Gravure Cylinder Plating

In cylinder plating for gravure, various characteristics including plating hardness are required to a plating film. Our product line-up clears these claims and meets various customer needs.

Copper sulfate plating process

Copper sulfate plating brightener (Cu-100 process)
It is the brightener for hard cylinders and excels the hardness stability. An agent is used only at the time of initial make-up of electrolytic bath
Tradename Feature
Cu-101 It is possible to control up to 40A/dm2 and improves productivity. It also excels the hardness stability, can be performed electronic engraving reproduction smoothly and not deteriorate with age.

Degreaser and Cylinder
Tradename Feature
EC-100 It is an electrolytic-degreasing agent used by 3~8 A/dm2. It excels a bath life in economical efficiency for a long time, and liquid waste treatment is also easy excluding a chelating agent.
EC-700 It is the non-cyanogen type electrolytic-degreasing agent which excels the chelate force and removes slight rust finely. Sodium hydroxide is used together.
EC-800 It is a non-helate type electrolytic-degreasing agent and waste water treatment is easy.
SC-100 It is suitable for surface washing of all metal with the immersion degreaser, also removes oil and fat without invading a metal surface.

Tradename Feature
Acid AD It is a powder type and dissolves in water easily. It also activates film and produces an effect which heightens adhesion power without generating smut,

Chrome plating process

Chrome Plating
Tradename Feature
Alchrome CR-100MU It uses together sulfuric acid and a chromic anhydride, it also does not contain a fluoride and gives a high hardness film and current efficiency.

Chromium Exfoliation
Tradename Feature
Cr-STRIPPER AD It is the chromium electrolysis exfoliation additive based on a sulfuric acid and possible to exfoliate chrome plating smoothly without committing the copper surface.

Chemicals for gravure cylinders etc.

Lubricant for Electronic Engraving
Tradename Feature
LUB-10 It gives lubricity to a copper surface and raises the skid of the diamond stylus of an electronic engraving machine, and beautiful high-speed carving is carried out.

Nickel Moistening Agent
Tradename Feature
NP-290 It reduces a surface tension and prevents a pit by adding to various kinds of nickel-plating bath.


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Gravure Cylinder Plating

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