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ALMEX PE is an engineering manufacturer of the surface treatment facility.



Aluminum Surface Treatment

In the process of making treatment products from aluminum ingots, an automated carrier system is essential to anodize tens of thousands of aluminum products of all shapes and sizes, according to specific procedures that vary from products to products. We have developed various kind of original automated carrier system and have sold these to various plants not only to domestic customers but also aboard, in places such as China, Southeast Asia, the former Soviet Union, etc.

Plating Surface Treatment

One of the most remarkable features of ALMEX PE's plating equipment is that machines, chemical processes and computer control systems are always developed in sync with each other to form a comprehensive system. We have obtained big reliance from customers as an industry leading manufacturer by introducing it.


In the remarkable technology innovation, there are four needs for the surface treatment technology,: productivity, quality, low cost, and safety. To answer these needs, ALMEX PE, in the development of the PTH surface treatment process series, always conducts development as a joint effort between the equipment and the control technology section. Especially, evaluation tests are conducted at every stage, from laboratory beaker tests to actual-production-scale operation test.

Customer Service

ALEMX PE always has a reliable management system in order to offer a professional post-delivery maintenance service based on TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) system as your best partner.

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